By Andrea Lane

Safe Have Equine Warriors Saves 2 Ponies

Below is a February 19, 2023 post from the Facebook page of Safe Haven Equine Warriors (SHEW). I can’t imagine going to a horse auction and having to pick two ponies to save. I’m so thankful there are people and organizations like SHEW who harness the emotional courage to save innocent souls from slaughter.

The eve before auction day is always one of excitement and anxiousness.

This time tomorrow 2 lucky ponies will be safe from all the evil that lurchs in the slaughterhouse pipeline.

As I make the last finishing touches on our supplies that will go with us, I always bring out my little angel. You see she was giving to me many years ago by a young student here at the farm to protect us and guide us to find the ones we are meant to save.

This young student is now grown , married and lives far away. I doubt she even knows how many trips to auction her little angel has taken.

I’ll wear my angel on my shirt tomorrow to remind me that the mission ahead is not my own. It will remind me that what we do is a calling bigger than we can grasp.

A huge thank you to everyone that helped make this trip and the rescue of these 2 ponies we are about to meet possible.

Together we are changing the world, 1 hoof, 1 voice, 1 pony, 1 horse at a time.

Please tune in tomorrow. We all post as much as possible to bring you along and introduce you to the newest members of the SHEW family.

To learn more about Safe Have Equine Warriors, go to https://www.safehavenequinewarriors.org

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