By Andrea Lane

Safe Haven Equine Warriors

Happy April 1! Abby and I are excited to donate 10% of all book and merchandise sales to Safe Have Equine Warriors this month!

Safe Haven Equine Warriors (SHEW) is a Maryland-based nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the humane treatment of all equines. 

Their primary focus is to rescue, rehab, re-train and re-home equines either suffering from abuse and neglect or those in imminent danger of slaughter, abuse, or neglect.

Safe Haven Equine Warriors is committed to educating the public on responsible equine ownership and care, as well as the perils equines are facing in today’s society.

Their guiding principle . . .

“There are no bad horses, just horses in bad situations—each deserving of a fair chance for a better life.”

To learn more about Safe Haven Equine Warriors, go to https://www.safehavenequinewarriors.org

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