By Andrea Lane

Featured Cat for Adoption at Good Mews: Andre


BREED: Domestic

COLOR: Brown/White


DOB: 05/2016



I am available for adoption

Because I am a Featured Cat, my adoption fee is 50%
I am in the Kitty Keeper program


Andre was first adopted from us in 2016 and had a wonderful family for many years. He came back to us due to inappropriate urination which was hard for his family to manage in a multi-cat household. Plus, the other kitties in the home weren’t being very nice to Andre. Andre previously has been diagnosed with FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Track Disease). This simply means that Andre has had a few occasions where he’s had urinary crystals, blood in his urine or inflammation. Typically, this is induced by stress and that was a likely factor in his past home. He’s been doing really well since coming to the shelter! There have not been any flare ups of these issues but his new parents will want to monitor for excessive drinking or urination, licking near the genitals and/or struggling to urinate. We have him on a medication to help with anxiety and a supplement to keep his bladder lining healthy. He may be able to wean from the Fluoxetine (Prozac) once successfully acclimated to his new home. Andre was also on a urinary diet for quite a while which we have stopped in the shelter due to communal feeding. He is doing well without it so far and no crystals have returned. When adopted, we do recommend another urinalysis mid-February to see if this remains true. If able, it would also be great for his adoptive family to put him back on the urinary diet (Royal Canin SO, Hill’s C/D or Purina UR). Andre is a social butterfly with the humans and really likes sitting in laps. He loves to interact with visitors and is engaged with his surroundings. Andre likes to give and receive love so will really make a wonderful companion in a calm, quiet home so he can remain stress-free! Due to his history with living in a multi-cat home, it would probably be best if Andre was a single cat. https://www.goodmews.org/catalog/andre-nov2021

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