By Andrea Lane

Farm of the Free Animal Sanctuary

Abby is excited to be supporting Farm of the Free Animal Sanctuary!

Farm of the Free Animal Sanctuary is passionate about saving all animals and providing them a forever home on 10 acres, 60 miles east of Atlanta in Good Hope, Ga. Their mission is to create a space where every being, animal and human, feels safe to be exactly who they are.

While striving to create a radical haven of acceptance, FOTF will offer self-care classes such as guided meditations, yoga, cooking classes, etc., as well as classes that raise our awareness about living a peaceful, vegan lifestyle with an emphasis on unconditional self-love & personal growth.

Join FOTF at the Grand Opening of their new Welcome Center on Saturday, November 12, in Good Hope, Ga. Purchase tickets at https://www.farmofthefree.org/

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